How do I pair my Spero to my device?
While the Spero is powered on, simply press the Bluetooth button located on the based of the product. You will here a repeating sound while the Spero is breathing a blue color on its front edge. If you wish the cancel the pairing process, you can press the volume up and down buttons together at the same time.

How do I change my Spero lighting effects?
There are 2 ways to control the lighting effects on the Spero. Easiest way is to use the buttons located on the base to cycle through the lighting pre-sets. Three buttons are dedicated to lighting modes on the Spero 24 & 16, and one button for the Spero 10.

Or, Download the “My Spero” mobile phone application to preview and customize your own lighting moods.

Can 2 Spero speakers be linked together?
Yes, you can pair two Spero together to widen the sound stage. This is a great feature where you would like to use two products with your TV or computer for a theatrical experience.

To initiate Stereo pairing, power on two Spero’s Speakers and make sure they are within 5 meters from each other. Press the Bluetooth & Volume Increase button together at the same time on east Spero Speaker. You will hear the repeating pairing sound while the Spero is breathing a blue color on its front edge. Once complete the Spero will indicate a tone letting you know the process has completed and each Spero will indicating on its corner which channel it will play.

• Left Corner Illuminated Means Left Channel
• Right Corner Illuminated Means Right Channel

You may need to re-arrange the Spero Speakers after indicating which Spero is Left and which Spero is Right for the correct orientation.

How do I make stereo linked speakers Individual again?
Remove the Stereo Link between 2 Spero’s by pressing the Volume Increase & Decrease buttons together at the same time to remove the Stereo link between them.

How do I change my Spero lighting brightness?
Download the “My Spero” mobile phone application to control the brightness. Only the application can change the lighting intensity.

Can I change my Spero speakers sound texture?
Yes, the “My Spero” mobile phone application allows you to control the Spero sound effects and sound texture.

Does my Spero have speakerphone/voice assistant functionality?
This product does not feature speakerphone or voice assistant functionality as it does not have a built-in microphone.

Can I use my Spero speaker outdoors?
The Spero 16 & Spero 10 have built-in lithium batteries so you can take the product with you without requiring connected power. However, the speaker is not intended for outdoor use and could become damaged in the presence of high humidity, rain, or water. Use only in areas where there is no risk from humidity or water near the product.

How to clean my Spero speaker and remove dirt from it
You should use glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to remove dirt and fingerprints from the polished metal surfaces. Do not use any alcohol or other chemicals to remove stains and dirt. Do not connect your product while the charging port is wet; make sure it is dry before you connect it to a charger or wall adapter. Contact our customer support if you need more advice.